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Clinical Externship Visiting Students Program

For student applicants, please note that externships at Midwestern University are only open to clinical year veterinary students who are enrolled in a public or private not-for-profit AVMA-accredited college, whether in the U.S. or internationally. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a reply to your request.

Rotations are offered in 2-week blocks and visiting students will be accepted for no more than 2 blocks (4 weeks) of clinical rotations. Refer to course list for rotations currently offered at Midwestern University. Acceptance is contingent upon availability. Grading will be pass/fail unless notice is provided by the student of different grading requirements from their college. Visiting students are required to ensure the proper grading form is completed and returned to his/her college.

Students requesting an externship at Midwestern University must:

  • Have a letter of verification from the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (or comparable official) stating that the student is in good academic standing (letter must accompany the application).
  • Have verification of a current rabies immunization or a documented protective titer against rabies virus, TB test, and have standard immunization against tetanus/diphtheria within one year of the start of the assigned rotation.
  • Have proof of a criminal background check within three years of the start of the assigned rotation.
  • Have health insurance (visiting student is responsible for any medical care needed while on rotation).
  • Provide proof of professional liability insurance.
  • Provide emergency contact information.
  • Applications will be accepted starting January 1st of the year you are starting rotations (i.e.: 1/1/2022 for 2022-23 clinical year)
  • Notification of placement will occur by March 31st of the year rotations start.

Upon documentation that the student has met all the above requirements, the student will be assigned to the respective rotation. Midwestern University College of Veterinary
Medicine (MWU-CVM) will then provide to the assigned student:

  • Access to MWU’s educational facilities, instructional materials.
  • Reasonable orientation to Midwestern University’s policies, procedures, rules and regulations.
  • One or more qualified clinical faculty members to provide supervision and instruction.
  • An opportunity to participate in patient care activities.
  • A work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination.

Further, it is understood that the assigned student must:

  • Be present on orientation day for the rotation.
  • Follow all MWU policies, procedures, rules and regulations during his/her assigned rotation.
  • Function at all times as a trainee and perform strictly under the supervision of a veterinarian.
  • Obtain prior written approval from the Dean, MWU-CVM, before publishing any reports or materials related to activities during the assigned rotation.

The visiting student is responsible for any costs incurred for travel, living arrangements, food, and rotation requirements (if there are any) and that the College bears no responsibility for these. MWU-CVM also reserves the right to refuse or terminate any student at any time for unprofessional behavior, or if the student violates any policy or procedure of the university.

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