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Soft Tissue Surgery

In addition to general practitioners, who are skilled in common elective surgical procedures for dogs and cats, our board-certified surgeons provide advanced soft tissue surgical services.  Advanced soft tissue procedures include surgeries of the abdominal and thoracic organs, as well as the more complicated skin and cancer surgeries.

Orthopedic Surgery

Whether caused by athletic injuries, congenital problems, or just getting older,  orthopedic problems are common causes of discomfort and the inability to lead an active life.  Our orthopedic surgeons have all the latest techniques and technologies to get your pet back on his feet again.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Just as laparoscopic procedures have replaced many open-abdomen surgical procedures in human patients, these minimally invasive surgical procedures, using small holes in the skin through which operating scopes are maneuvered, are now available for many operations in animals. Laparoscopic surgery often means less pain and shorter healing times for the patient and less worry for the rest of the family.

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