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Cardiology & Oncology

Midwestern University’s Companion Animal Clinic offers the following specialties which are provided by external veterinary practices at our Glendale location. Referring veterinarians can call 623-806-7387 to refer their clients for consultations in these specialties at the Companion Animal Clinic in Glendale.

  • Cardiology services are provided onsite by Valley Veterinary Cardiology.
  • Oncology services are provided by Arizona Veterinary Oncology in conjunction with PetCure Oncology. Oncology is the treatment of cancer, and is often split into two categories. Medical oncologists specialize in diagnosing, staging, and treating pet cancer, most commonly with chemotherapy. Radiation oncologists specialize in treating cancer with radiation therapy. Medical and radiation oncologists routinely work with each other and other specialists to ensure pets with cancer receive a comprehensive approach to care.

Radiation Oncology – PetCure Oncology provides consults and diagnostics for pets with diagnosed or suspected cancer at the Companion Animal Clinic’s Glendale location. Referring veterinarians can call 623-806-7475 to reach the PetCure team at the Companion Animal Clinic. For dogs and cats that proceed to a treatment plan, treatments will be delivered at Arizona Veterinary Oncology’s Gilbert location.

Medical Oncology – Services are not currently offered at the Companion Animal Clinic location. Contact Arizona Veterinary Oncology at 480-327-6690 to schedule a consultation.

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