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Parking Access to Animal Health Institute Clinics – Effective Monday August 5, 2019

August 6, 2019

Starting on Monday, August 5, drivers visiting our Glendale Clinics can enter the clinic facilities using one of two entrances:

  • From 57th Avenue, traveling north or south between Union Hills Drive and Utopia Road (near the Companion Animal Clinic)
  • From 59th Avenue, traveling north from Union Hills Drive (near the Multispecialty Clinic)

The main entrance to the clinics (at the stop signs on Utopia Road) will be closed to vehicle traffic for several weeks, due to construction on our newest clinic building. Pedestrians can continue to access the clinics through the Utopia Road pedestrian gates.

Signs are posted along the streets to point traffic to each of the temporary entrances. We appreciate your patience and support in the ongoing improvement and development of our Midwestern University Clinics.

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