Midwestern University Animal Health Institute Veterinarian Greeting Dog And Owner

Canine PT Begins at Midwestern University Companion Animal Clinic

May 19, 2016

Byron Russell, PT, Ph.D. (CHS-Glendale), Program Director, Physical Therapy, will be spending time at the Midwestern University Companion Animal Clinic (CAC) as he begins a collaborative program of physical therapy for pets with the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

“Animals can suffer the same injuries as humans do, so it follows that they can benefit from physical therapy and rehabilitation,” Dr. Russell says.

Dr. Russell hopes he and his Physical Therapy students will eventually see and treat many animal patients at the CAC. While animal rehabilitation is practiced worldwide, there are few dedicated facilities in the U.S., particularly in the west. “We are starting with a blank slate,” continues Dr. Russell, “so we have a great opportunity to develop a world-class companion animal rehabilitation center at Midwestern University. We will be getting new equipment in soon to help us expand our offerings for animals in our community.”

In partnership with small animal surgeons in the CVM, Dr. Russell hopes to establish a canine rehabilitation elective for PT and veterinary students in the near future. With CVM students beginning their first clinical rotations in Spring 2017, there will be many opportunities to collaborate and share expertise.

For more information about canine physical therapy:
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