Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine Featured on Fox 10 Phoenix

September 30, 2022

Recently, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine Carla Gartrell, D.V.M., J.D., weighed in on the new nation-wide veterinary shortage with Fox 10 Phoenix

“There are only 33 veterinary schools in the United States. We have also seen an increase in the pet population during the pandemic.”  Dr. Gartrell said. “Over the last two years pet ownership has really increased, and so the need to service those animals is straining the profession.”

Dr. Gartrell emphasized that veterinary students’ well-being is of the utmost importance at Midwestern University:

“We teach them resilience, coping mechanisms, and how to really self-care so they’re able to take care of themselves and better serve the clients and their patients.”

The interview ended with Dr. Gartrell stressing the importance of getting the younger generations involved, as that is the key to building the profession back up.

“We have a healthcare summer camp for high school students, so that gives them exposure to the veterinary field and also the other healthcare programs available at Midwestern University,” Dr. Gartrell said.

Click here to see Dr. Gartrell’s interview: https://youtu.be/UwlhZkEwmt0

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