Update on Clinic Appointments

April 26, 2021

Our top priority at the Animal Health Institute is the health and wellness of our clients, patients, students, staff, and the greater community. One pet owner may accompany their pet(s) into the clinic for appointments at the Companion Animal Clinic (regardless of the number of pets being seen). All clients and staff are required to wear a mask for the entire time spent inside the clinic, and social distancing should be maintained.

With our warmer weather, please remember to bring along plenty of water for you and your pets, and bring only the pets scheduled to be seen. We will also continue our curbside valet service, so that pets do not have to walk across the hot parking lot. When you arrive at the clinic, pull up to the doors and a team member will come outside to take your pet into the clinic before you park your car.

We also have a Park and Text option for picking up your pets and prescriptions. When you arrive at the clinic, pull into the marked parking space, send us a text at 53780, and then follow the prompts.

Should you prefer to continue waiting outside the clinic during your pets’ exam, our parking garage offers shaded parking. Clients are welcome to run a nearby errand during their pets’ appointments, as long as we can reach them by mobile phone to discuss their pets’ exam results or to let them know that their pets can be picked up once the exam is completed.

We thank you for being a client at MWU Animal Health Institute and wish health and wellness to you and your pets.

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